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April Superintendents blog

Usually I start out my April blog by saying, “Welcome to spring.” Unfortunately, this spring the groundhog was completely wrong. Not only have we gotten six more weeks of winter, but we’ve added a few more.

Even though the cold weather has persisted we have continued to conduct our spring cultural maintenance practices as usual. By Monday the 8th of April we’ll have completed spring greens aeration. The front was completed on the 5th and the greens are rolling well.

This next week we will begin our spring fertilization of the complete golf course. Our plan for the 2018 season, and our maintenance practices during this season, will not change even with the scheduled closing of the course on September 30th. We will continue to maintain the golf course the same throughout the summer.  In short, we’re open for business and I’m looking forward to seeing and catching up with the many guests I’ve gotten to know well over my last seven years here at Eisenhower.

I have already spoken with many of our guests this season about the future plans for the golf course, design changes, timelines ect.  There has been some misinformation floating about as to why certain changes will be made, so if anyone has any questions please reach out to me here at the  golf course and I will try to answer any questions you may have.

As always thank you for your patronage and looking forward to another great season here at the Ike.