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March 2018 Supers Blog

March 2018


My focus this month will be on why we aerate greens and why we have frost delays. Both of these are important subjects that I get questioned about frequently and I hope the information that I’m providing in this month’s blog will enlighten everyone as to why we make the decisions we do concerning these two subjects.

The first subject I’ll broach will be about frost delays. There are as many opinions about frost delays as there are days of the week, but understand, we at the golf course don’t like frost delays any more than any of our guests do. A frost delay will delay all of the work we have planned to accomplish for that particular day. I will refer you to video put out by the USGA concerning frost delays.

https://youtu.be/zkoWWrHzvAg .  This should help understand the reasoning behind frost delays.


The second subject is about why we aerate greens. It is true the greens do take a bit longer to heal in the spring, but that is due to the colder soil temperatures. Bentgrass usually gets moving when the soil temperatures reach the mid-fifties. It does grow before that, but at a slower pace. Conversely, late summer or fall aerations generally heal quicker because the turfgrass plant is actively growing. I will also refer you to this video concerning greens aeration.


You can copy and paste these url’s and these will provide you some general information. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to stop me and ask.