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March Super's Blog

Spring is almost upon us and although March greeted us with a dose of winter, we expect a quick warmup so we can resume the many projects we’ve been working on completing. The projects included tree work and some more bunker renovation.

At this time our greens aeration date is scheduled for March 27th.  We will be aerating all of the greens in one day using a process called Dryjet. This will allow for a quick turnaround for each green and upon completion the greens should heal quicker than a usual spring aeration.

Homeowners should expect some wet conditions on their lawns for a bit, but a small dose of a quick release fertilizer in the next few weeks will get your lawn off to a good start.  Remember you’ll be applying your goosegrass and crabgrass preventative by the middle of April so no need to overdo it now. Search the Maryland Department of Agriculture website for recommendations for your grass type.  Remember, phosphorus is a no-no in Maryland these days so be cautious. Phosphorus is the middle number on a bag of fertilizer.

Feel free to contact myself, golf course superintendent Joe Tubiolo or our assistant superintendent Ted Mazur if you have any questions or concerns.

Joe Tubiolo

Golf Course Superintendents