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May Super's Blog

April showers usually bring May flowers, but so far May has mostly brought rain. As everyone knows a superintendent loves rain and it has been a benefit to the course, but tis the season and we’re anticipating everything back to normal after the rain.

The growing season is finally here after a colder than usual spring and the course is playing well. The warmer December we had at the end of last year has helped the fairways and tees fill in nicely this spring.

We hope to complete a couple of projects in May including adding Bermuda grass to the blue tees on 8 and 14. The Bermuda we’ve planted in previous years on fairway number 6 and on various tees around the course is beginning to come out of dormancy and should be growing steadily by months end.

We’ve completely moved out of the old proshop into our new building so all golfers should come there to check-in. The bathrooms in the old building will still be open for your convienence.