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Recertifying as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary golf course

Summer is upon us in full force.  The heat and humidity are on the rise so I am reminding all of our guests to make sure they are well hydrated throughout their round. If anyone is feeling ill from the heat to contact the proshop and someone will come to you immediately to assist you in any way needed.

I wanted to talk this month about our continued partnership with Audubon International and our designation as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary golf course. We are currently working towards our most current recertification and although some of our guests may not notice the work we’re doing to improve Eisenhower environmentally, we are constantly looking for ways to decrease pesticide inputs, water usage and decrease mowing in out of the play areas.

In 2018 we will embark on a renovation of the golf course that will include re-grassing of at least 20 acres to more environmentally friendly Bermuda grass, reducing inputs even more. If you have any questions about the renovation please stop by the proshop for further details.

I hope everyone has a safe July 4th weekend!